Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Play

For obvious reasons, I didn't get many pictures of this little game, but this is a good example of the sort of thing Peeper likes to do for fun.

I was sitting at my desk, on Facebook or checking email or whatever and she was running around with her toy camera, saying "Same cheese!" and taking pretend pictures.

Then she came over and said, "Have Mama's camera."

When I gave it to her, she said, "Have blue camera, too." (That's my old one, still sitting on the desk, of course.)

I gave it to her, too.

"Blue camera has no pictures. Green (current) camera has pictures."

Then, "There! Now, how many cameras Peeper have?"
Huh? Oh!

I looked down to see that she had her camera, my camera and my old camera all lined up in a row on my desk.

She started counting, "One, two fwee, fowuh!" (Four has come back into her world. Yay!")

I said, "Well, that's only three, but wait! My phone takes pictures, too, so (put it in the line) now you have four!"
"One, two, fwee, fowuh cameras!"


(All together now, class) . . .

She's a genius.

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