Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby2 Plans Update

So, as of my previous update, we were figuring that it was pretty much a given that the IVF study would fill its last two spaces for this round before Shrike's next cycle.

Last week, I emailed them to check in and found out that they had one spot left, and we should definitely call to schedule prescreening on day one, which we expected would be Saturdayish.

Woo hoo!

So, we checked our calendars, and made arrangements from Shrike's parents to watch Peeper, and waited for our signal to call in.

Which didn't come until Tuesday.

At which point I called and found out that they'd screened someone on Monday.


So, we wait another month and then should be able to prescreen, and if that goes well, we'd be ready for the IVF cycle in April.

These repeated delays have been incredibly frustrating, but we shall complain no longer, because this morning, we got a call from the sperm bank saying that our number's come up on Popeye's waiting list and they've got a vial for us!

I cannot even begin to describe how excited and relieved we are about this.

We had selected another donor, and there's nothing wrong with him, except that he's not Popeye. That is, he's not Peeper's donor.

Of course we know that, even with the same donor, it's not possible to make another Peeper (which is what we'd prefer - because she's perfect) but we'd sure have a better chance of it using the same one.

Also, given that Popeye and not-our-other-donor are both ID Consent donors, and because we've already made contact with a couple of Peeper's half-siblings through the Donor Sibling Registery, I was really bothered by the possibilty of the two kids have very different experiences with that.

What if they both contacted their donors and one was great and one was an asshole? What if we could never find any of #2's half-sibs? Or what if they and their families were jerks?

I just really feel much more comfortable knowing that whatever comes of any contact with Popeye and his other offspring, that it will be the same for both Peeper and her hypothetical little brother or sister.

If, of course, such a hypothetical sibling ever exists.

We are still looking at only about a 20% chance of success, and first we have to get through the prescreening, but just in case all that does pan out, we are so glad that we'll be working with the same set of ingredients as last time around. (Even if we are baking in a different oven.)


  1. I find this stuff very fascinating! Best of luck to you ladies (and peeper too)!!
    Donna, ny

  2. Obviously it's easier for me to just say this, but I think that both my girls have had different life experiences even though they've had the same mom/dad. They are different people coming from different places. Just being a first/second child makes a difference.

    I don't know if I'd worry about having two different dads/family backgrounds. Your girls will make of their experiences what they will.

    I'm excited for you!!

  3. Oops. I should have read more closely. I'm glad Popeye is available :P only because you are very happy about it.

    Crossing my fingers for you!


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