Thursday, February 10, 2011


I didn't mention it last night, because by the time I sat down to process images, it was a big nevermind, but during the cookie baking, this happened.

I was at the stove (to the left of the fridge that you see there in the background) taking cookies off the pan when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked in time to see her go down, and hit the floor.

Of course, it scared the ever-livin' shit out of both of us, very possibly me more than her, because at least she knew whether or not she was hurt.

From the looks of it, when she landed, her head was millimeters from the fridge and the corner of the wall, and I quizzed her repeatedly as to whether she'd bumped it, or anything else, and if anything hurt.

I inspected her from top to toes at the time, and later in the bathtub, and the only injury I could find was a small scrap on her back, probably from the top edge of the booster seat.

(The booster, by the way, has just been moved from Shrike's parents' house to ours, because she hasn't been feeling the highchair lately. She's so-so about sitting in it, and would still much rather my lap. But, she was cool with sitting there to do cookies. Even after this happened, amazingly.)

Then this evening, as I was putting her hair back up in piggy tails to make a trip to the grocery store (Notice that I said "back up" - I'd put it up this morning, and hadn't noticed anything amiss. Of course, we were in a big hurry this morning.), I saw this.

Do you see it? Parallel to her part, just to the left of it.

The bright (brighter in real life) red line running down the middle of her head?

That just happens to be the exact same length as the baseboard in the kitchen?

So much for "missed the corner by millimeters."

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  1. When I put her piggytails up today, I guess I couldn't resist that bright red line, and ended up parting her hair along it.

    Let's just say it's MUCH more visible that way.

    Everyone asked what happened.

    The latest theory (presented by one of our MOMS Club friends) is that she just grazed the corner of the baseboard and scraped it, rather than slamming into it, since there's no bruising or anything.


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