Wednesday, February 9, 2011

C Is For Cookie

I've signed up to take a dozen cookies to the MOMS Club Valentine's party on Friday,  Peeper and I tackled that this evening.

I'd seen a recipe for sugar cookies on the bag of sugar and decided that it didn't look too hard, so I'd make them from scratch this time.

I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Peeper helped with making the dough, and then I threw her in the tub for a quick rinse-off while the dough sat in the fridge and chilled.

Except, it never firmed up to a point that I could slice it or roll it out or anything like that. Not even close. So, I spooned it.

Peeper didn't mind.

First I did the dozen for the party, then Peeper decorated some. I did it the same way as before - baked some while she sprinkled some, then while the sprinkly ones baked, we iced the first batch.

Except something went seriously awry when the sprinkly ones were baking.

Oh well. The iced ones were good.

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