Monday, January 24, 2011

Coming Soon: Peeper's Letter of the Week

One of my resolutions goals fantasies for the new year is to do more intentional, structured, educational activities with Peeper.

What with her being all over her colors and shapes and really getting there with the numbers and letters, I figure she's interested and one should strike while the iron is hot, right?

Also, we need something to do with ourselves in the evenings, besides hanging out at Target, drinking Starbucks and spending money that we don't have.

Nothing too formal or schooly, more in line with the "Tot School" philosophy that I talked about a while back - just some semi-focused activities, with most of the actual "structure" being much more for my benefit than hers.

So, since I am an all-or-nothing, give me some rules to follow break kind of gal, who doesn't do too well with the loosey-goosey and the willy-nilly (ie - I'm lazy and need someone or something to force me to get off my ass and do it.) I figured I'd better make a plan, and what better structure to follow for teaching her the ABCs than, well, the ABCs.

There are several Letter of the Week™ sorts of curricula out there (okay, probably not so ™ if there are multiple ones, but you know what I mean), and that's really not what I'm doing.

I am however, using the letters, in order, as a jumping-off point for our activities. I've found some cute make-the-letter-look-like-something-that-starts-with-it and/or decorate-the-letter-with-something-that-starts-with-it sorts of crafts, which seems like a good way to kick off each week.

Then we'll probably talk about some other things that start with that letter, and do some activities about them.

And probably other stuff, too, that's completely unrelated to the letter.

Or, maybe we'll do a couple of crafts this week, and I'll see something shiny, and the next thing you know, it'll be time for kindergarten and she won't know her ABCs.

But, we're off to an awfully cute start!

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