Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shown Up

As a result of that little waterfall in the basement, we lost a few ceiling tiles, so Peeper and I went to Lowes to buy some replacements.

When we bought the house, there was a stack of spare tiles in the basement. At some point during my tenure with the local Democratic Party, we were badly in need of some replacement tiles at our craphole of a headquarters, so I generously donated them.

Shortly after that, we were booted out of the building and our tile stayed behind. Then the whole building was renovated and I'm sure the tiles have been replaced. If they had any damn sense, they ditched the ugly drop ceiling in favor of the beautiful tin ceiling that we saw under (over?) it when we were replacing tiles.

Point being: We had tiles. I gave away tiles. Now we have to buy tiles. I'm a dumbass. It gets better, and dumber.
So, we're at Lowes, and they have both square and rectangular tiles, and I can't remember for the life of me which we have.

Shrike and Peeper spend a good bit of time in the basement (Peeper thinks it's big fun to play down there, not only with the small stash of toys, but mostly with all the stuff that stored there that she shouldn't be playing in.) and I knew that Shrike had counted the damaged ones the other day, so I figured she'd know.

Another sidenote - She was counting them, pointing with a pen or something, so Peeper went and got her toy screwdriver and pointed it at the ceiling and started counting, too.

So, I called Shrike and she wasn't sure either. I asked Peeper and she was quite confident in her answer.

There were two votes for rectangular and one vote for square, so I went with the majority and bought the rectangular ones.

I wrestled them into the cart, then a very nice man helped me to wrestle them into my car. I figured I'd leave them in the car until Shrike could help me get them in the house, but before we do that, I should probably go downstairs and take a look to see what we actually need.

Guess which one of us was right?

I knew we should have believed her.

She is much more observant than we are, and her little memory isn't cluttered up with forty-plus years of crap.

When will we learn?

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