Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Countdown Begins

 Today is December 1, so we've kicked off our Christmas Countdown activities!

A few weeks ago, we bought an unpainted wooden advent calendar at Michael's - a Christmas tree with little drawers in it - and Shrike, well, she's sort of still in the process of painting it, because she doesn't have a lot of Peeper-free time at home, during which she can work on it, but no matter, we can still open the drawers without paint on them!

Each day until Christmas, Peeper will open a drawer and find a little treat (ie: chocolate!) and a hint about a special Christmas activity that we'll be doing that day.

Well, today, her hint wasn't exactly in the drawer yet, but that's okay. She doesn't really get it anyway.

For the "hints" I'm going to print out little pictures that pertain to the activity, and then show her the picture and tell her what we're doing.

Some of them will be big - like buy and decorate the Christmas tree, or go to a Candlelight Nutcracker Tea (it's geared toward little bitties) - and some will be small - like read a Christmas book, or make hot chocolate.

I think I've got my list all made out. That was actually easier than I expected, because official countdown or not, we already had a ton of activities planned, mostly with the MOMS Club.

Today, I had a MOMS Club board meeting, so Peeper had a Mommy-time activity. She and Shrike went to art class, where they read The Gingerbread Man and acted out the story, and made a puppet and ate gingerbread cookies.

Well, except that they got there late, because there was some sort of incident on the Interstate, which means that all the traffic is diverted onto the road that takes us to the class, plus the bank that's on the way had their ATM all boarded up when she stopped to get cash to pay the $5 class fee.

So, she heard the story and ate her cookie, and brought her puppet ingredients home. She was pretty sleepy this morning, and Shrike reports that she mostly stayed in her lap, so there aren't any photos from the class itself, but we did take some - and video! - when she was making her puppet.

Coloring the Gingerbread Man


Then, Mommy cut him out and taped him to his stick, while telling Peeper about all the different kinds of puppets.

The completed project!

In other news, she ate an Oreo.

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  1. That is a very well colored gingerbread leg. I think she's got the coloring concept down now. :)


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