Thursday, December 2, 2010

And Then, This

If you were paying close attention, you might have noticed that "last night's" post didn't actually appear until sometime early this afternoon.

As I was composing it, Peeper was nursing to sleep in my lap. She went down pretty quickly, and I commented to Shrike that, "Well, that was painless."

Yes, Universe. I do realize my mistake. Thank you for the reminder.

Before messing with the video, I decided to move her into bed. I lay her down, she unlatched, rolled over . . . and started throwing up.

I picked her up and called for Shrike. She didn't realize at first what was going on, so was all "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute." "No, honey, I need you NOW!" while walking (talking?) the fine line between making her understand that I really needed her, and not freaking out the puking child by sounding panicked.

Of course, then came the hairwashing, bed stripping, clothes changing, and lots and lots of snuggling and comforting.

Back to bed with us all and . . . she threw up again.

At that point, we figured there would be more, so just cleaned up "enough" and moved on.

There were two more pukes before we all fell asleep - atop a bed stripped down to its waterproof (but not rubbery) cover, then layered with towels, covered with an old afgan and me wearing nothing from the waist up but an open nursing bra, a bath towel and, for at least part of the night, a very pathetic Peeper draped across my body.

She threw up a few more times in the night, with not much left in her tummy, and each came while I was in a deep, deep stage of sleep, barely able to crawl up from the depths to roll her over, comfort her and see her fall back asleep almost before she was done.

One more in the wee hours that woke us all, then she slept and nursed pretty peacefully until almost noon.

We thought she was past it, but she's thrown up three more times today.

Luckily, Shrike's off work today, so she's keeping the laundry moving and coming running with towels when I shout, and Peeper is up and down - playing happily for a while, being pathetic a while, puking, pathetic recovery period, and back up to play.

No sense calling the doctor, we've been through this before (just the once) and according to Facebook (the poor mom's CDC) every kid in town has been puking lately, so we're just riding it out. Nothing going in her but breastmilk, trying to stay ahead of the laundry, and hoping it doesn't last too long.


  1. Of course I noticed. You're forgiven though - under the circumstances. ;) Hope she is better soon.

  2. YIKES! Oh those barfy toddler nights are the worst! Sounds like you both handled it like a couple of pros, though. Hope Peeper's all better soon and you both get some rest.

  3. LadyKay - Lol, I almost wrote something along the lines of "You may have noticed (if you are my sister or my mother)...."

    DaMomma - I do realize (especially when I read your blog!) how very lucky we are that this is only her second tummy bug, and it's been almost a year since the last one.

    Everyone - She's sleeping peacefully now, and it's been a little over four hours since the last puke. Altho I think she was fighting it off pretty hard about an hour and a half ago.

    I will be surprised if we don't get any more overnight, but I'm pretty confident she'll be doing better by the end of the day tomorrow, based on what I'm hearing from friends about how it hit their families.

    As soon as she's better, then we'll move on to hoping that Shrike can avoid it.


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