Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily Peep: Self-Sufficient

So, last night, this happened, when Peeper failed to navigate a carpet-to-linoleum transition, while carrying a pumpkin.

What? Doesn't your kid carry large produce items around the house? Causing injuries? Are they not supposed to do that?

As you can imagine, she was pretty upset at first (As were we, when we notice the blood in her mouth. Again.), but Happy and Bo-Bo were able to get her settled down.

Happy and Bo-Bo (Bear) are ice packs, pictured here on top of Big Galoot, because Peeper evidently thought he needed to cool down a bit.

This evening, she went all cranky-pants on me for a while, which is unusual for her, so I thought maybe she wasn't feeling well (we've both got a bit of a cold) and some Tylenol might help.

I gave her some, and then she picked up the ziplock baggie containing all the meds that we took to Texas with us, unzipped it, pulled out the package of Orajel swabs and tried to open it.

I asked, "Does your mouth hurt?" and opened the package. She took out a swab and stuck it in her mouth.

I got it away from her, opened it, and held it out to her. She licked it with exactly the part of her tongue that she'd bitten last night (you can still see the red mark).

Then, she took the swab away from me, and stuck it way back on one side of her mouth and then the other, chewing on it and twirling it around.

She didn't bite it with her front teeth at all, and I can't see how she could've been biting it with her back teeth and still twirling it like that. I'm pretty sure she was putting it on her gums, where her two-year molars are eventually going to be.

When I told Shrike about this, she said, "Well what the hell does she need us for?!"

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