Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Peep: Home, All Snuggly Warm

I checked the weather this morning, after I'd gotten us all packed up, and realized that I had Peeper in shorts, with nothing but shorts for her spare outfits, and it was going to be sub-60-degrees when we arrived in Baltimore this evening, so I texted Shrike from the road and asked her to bring something warm for her to wear when she picked us up.

If we were wondering whether she's ready for the 24-month winter things that we've bought, I think we have our answer. There was a whole lotta cuffin' goin' on.


  1. I think your weather down there is similar to ours in Ontario, Canada. We didn't quite get frost last night, but the weather report said we might. We were up at our cottage for the weekend, farther north from here, and we had the heat on. Summer is definitely over. Peeper looks very happy with her rolled-up cuffs. As she grows, you just roll them down a bit. It's hard to believe she's going to be two in a few weeks.

  2. We've bought 18mos for fall-into-winter, and 24mos for winter-into-spring. She'll be wearing warm clothing for quite a while, once fall is here to stay (maybe now?) so I'm sure she'll have plenty of time to grow into them.

    She did look like a bit of a ragamuffin when we stopped for pizza on the way home though - in this git-up, with sandals, because I neglected to say "...and shoes," when I asked Shrike for warm stuff!

  3. If her toesies were really cold you could have just rolled the pants down and covered her feet. ;)

  4. Yeah, it occurred to me to bring her shoes, oh about the time I was changing her diaper in the airport bathroom. Thank God this child has two mommies.

  5. We have a pretty warm blankie that lives in the car (yeah, it's been there all summer). We put that over her til I got the heat going.


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