Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Plans

Peeper's birthday is just a few weeks away, so it's time to get our act together and plan a party.

After about four date / time changes, due to family members' work schedules, I think we finally have that part taken care of, and now I'm working on tracking down themed decorations and paperware, and a cake.

We were planning on doing a butterfly theme, or possible "bugs and blooms" with butterflies, ladybugs, and maybe some bees, but I kept thinking that if we leaned more toward the ladybugs, maybe Peeper could wear her Halloween costume and OhMyGawd, how cute would that be?

So, today (oops, yesterday) I asked her, at least six times, "Do you want a butterflies or ladybugs on your happy birthday cake?" and "Should we have ladybugs or butterflies at your happy birthday party?" and other similar, but varied wording, being sure to alternate which insect got top billing.

Every. Single. Time. Her answer was "Lala!" so I suppose ladybugs it is!

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  1. Or she's asking for lobsters... Sorry Peep, you don't have a so cute we can hardly stand it lobster suit. Ladybugs it is!


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