Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peeper's Big Beach Adventure - Day Three: Water, Water, Everywhere

On our first full day in Myrtle Beach, we introduce Peeper to the beach.

She walked in the sand . . .

. . . splashed in the ocean . . .

. . . found some seashells (and cigar and cigarette butts), played with a beach ball . . .

. . . and took a two-hour nap. 

The weather was great. Clear and sunny, but not too hot under the umbrella.

These guys were nice enough to let Peeper look at their kite, and even "fly" it for a while.

Then we moved to the pool, which had a great sprinkler area for the little folk.

Then back to the room and into dry clothes, followed by dinner at Carabba's and a trip to a souvenier shop. . .
. . . where we got Peeper a butterfly shirt, that she just fell in love with.

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