Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Peep: Surgiversary

It's been one year since Peeper's open-heart surgery.

Let's check on her zipper.

Beats the hell outta this, huh?


  1. The zipper barely shows, but more important, look how basicly healthy she looks now.

  2. It is amazing how faint her scar is in just a year. By the time she is grown you will probably have to look hard to even find it.

  3. Kids are so amazing how they just spring right back like nothing ever happened, to bad the parents cant forget that these things have happened. God Bless her she looks great.
    Donna, NY

  4. Forget "forget". I still get choked up when I see that picture. A year and it still does me in. And I am NOT a cryer.

  5. I still *hate* that picture. Whozat is positive about it but I can't be. Our baby, heck no baby, is supposed to look like that.


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