Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ask Me Anything: Why did you decide to be anonymous on your blog?

Why did you decide to be anonymous on your blog?

My decision to be anonymous on my blog has nothing to do with being ashamed of anything I'm writing about, or with being worried about someone reading the blog and "finding me" in real life.

I'm 10000% out in my "real life" and screw you if you don't like it, and I also figure if someone knows my name and wants to find me, they don't need the Internet to do that.

That said, I am going the anonymous route here for a few different reasons:

  1. Shrike is much less comfortable than I am about sharing our personal stuff with all the internets and she asked me to. That's reason enough.
  2. I liked the idea of being free to rant about specific people or situations that piss me off, without worrying that the subject will read what I said - although it turns out that I've not actually done that much.
  3. But, the primary reason, is that I really didn't want someone to be able to google my name or that of any organizations or businesses that I might be involved with (when I started blogging I held a leadership position in my local Democratic Party and was looking or work) and stumble upon the blog - angst, four-letter words and (for a while there) way too much menstrual specificity, and all.
When I first started blogging, no one in "real life" knew about it, but over time, I've become more and more comfortable sharing the blog with my real life friends and acquaintances, to the point that I sometimes find myself thinking, "Why do I have to tell you this. Didn't you read the blog?!" as though they've not done their homework assignment!

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  1. And then there is me, who gets disappointed when you spend all evening talking to me on the phone and don't blog anything. ;D

  2. Because it's all about me I'll say this: I personally love that you blog... oddly enough though we've not been in talking-on-the-phone contact or even seeing-each other all the time contact I still feel close to you both reading about your lives and watching Peeper grow up(I check the blog every night and every morning, FYI)... and you two got me through much of my Yourtown life when I thought my heart was breaking. And I love you. Both. Very much.

  3. Deionsmom. We love you too! Wish that we lived closer, that's for sure, but we know you are happier now so we'll deal with it. :-) Some of the funniest things I have ever heard were from you. I often use the "I'm fat and moving around" at work.

  4. hahaha!!! I remember that! I also use the 'I'm too fat to walk all the way over there, to the copier, to the mailboxes, back to my desk for something I forgot, etc' I think it was Whozat who said 'Gosh, we've seen a lot of Deionsmom today!' And you, Shrike, are seriously hilarious! "Hi Deionsmom, this is Shrike!" "Of??" "Of Whozat and Shrike?" hahahaha!!!!!

  5. D's Mom: Thank you, and ditto what Shrike said.

    Also: Tennuhseee.

  6. tennuhseee!!!! That's it!! I'm moving back to Yourtown. LOLOL!


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