Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Out, Iron Chef!

For a real kitchen challenge, nothing compares to . . .

Iron Toddler!

The Tools:

  1. One kitchen, mediocre
  2. One refrigerator, poorly stocked
  3. One toddler, cute as hell
The Rules:

  1. Open refrigerator and release toddler.

  2. Secure toddler.

  3. Retrieve the first three items that toddler pulls from refrigerator, and use them to create a delicous dinner for self and toddler.

Today's Ingredients:

  1. Leftover hibachi chicken with rice and vegetables, from MOMS Night Out.
  2. Red and green bellpeppers
  3. Whole wheat tortillas

The Recipe:

  1. Chop up the peppers and chicken, and cook them, along with rice and veggies (onion and mushroom) in olive oil.

  2. Heat tortilla.

  3. Roll it up and eat it.

    The Judge Says . . .

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