Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spit Takes

I swear this was completely unrehearsed.


  1. LOL, I suspect this may be something you grow to regret encouraging. :D

  2. Yes, you might regret this when you get a face full of breast milk, or if she does it in a restaurant. But damn, she's cute.

  3. Well, she's not done it with milk yet, but she does it in restaurants quite often, actually. Not quite as dramatically as this, with the "fountain" effect, but raspberries with a mouth full of water? Yep.

    This evening, we were in the kitchen, and Shrike was spitting back at her, from several feet away.

    The first (and second) time she did it, Peeper's little jaw dropped and she just looked at her like, "Oooooo - you're gonna be in big trouble!"

    She's right about that.


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