Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Peep: Feeling Better

Not all better but, yeah, much better.

We're now about 28 hours puke-free (shhhhh), which is quite exciting.

Peeper's had about three periods today of being very sad and pathetic and whimpery and just seeming absolutely miserable.

I'm assuming these were bouts of nausea, but she's fought them off without having to actually throw up - even though we've told her that it would be okay, and would probably make her feel much better.

The first was around five o'clock this morning, and we were just certain that she was going to be throwing up any minute, but she eventually settled down and went back to sleep.

The second was when she woke up from a nap, around 5:30ish. She snugged, nursed and snugged some more, first at the computer for a while, then watching Finding Nemo.

She just lay in my lap, maybe sleeping (I couldn't see her face, the way she was laying) for the first part of the movie, but then she got up after a while and played, and even ate a cracker.

At bedtime, she asked for some solid food, but when we tried to go to bed right after some Cheerios and crackers, she wasn't so interested in nursing, and was kind of whiney, although not quite as pathetic as earlier.

She was chewing on her figures a lot, so I thought maybe her teeth were bothering her. We got up and I gave her Orajel, and tried to get her to nurse in the chair.

She nursed a bit, then just snuggled sadly for a little while and fell asleep while I rocked and sang.

Then stayed asleep when I moved her to bed.

That was kind of weird.

In between, though, she's played and laughed and eaten a little bit of crackers and Cheerios, and they've stayed down - so HOORAY!

I think we'll stick with that sort of stuff for tomorrow, and if she keeps it all down and doesn't seem nauseated, we'll probably give her something a little more substantial - and tasty - on Saturday.


  1. That all sounds good. Hope it sticks. Toast and tea always seems right to me.

  2. Wow poor little sweetie, she sure had it pretty bad, thats alot of throwing up for a little one, and alot of cleaning up for you guys :)
    Donna, UpState Ny


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