Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Peep: Charge It!

Whenever we're out shopping, especially if she's in the wrap, hanging from the front of me, Peeper tries to grab my debit or credit card while I'm trying to check out.

So, today, I decided she needed her own cards.

For Christmas, I got several giftcards to Sheetz, which is our favorite convenience store. In a remarkable display of unnecessary packaging, their gift cards come attached to similar-sized piece of plastic that's basically just there to write the amount and to/from.

I had several of those lying around, and I thought they'd be perfect for her to play with, so I dropped one in her toy box.

It took her no time at all to find it.

When I first noticed that she had it, she was also playing with a small Christmas card, that was folded in half.

When I realized that she was trying to put the gift card into the Christmas card, I decided that she needed a wallet for it.

As luck would have it, I'd also gotten a new wallet for Christmas, which I'd not yet gotten around to moving into.

So, I took care of that little task, and gave her my old one.

I think she likes it.

She spent a lot of time trying to put the card into the wallet and take it back out.

She has suddenly, just in the past couple of days, starting putting things into other things.

Yesterday, she was putting Cheerios into a bowl. One Cheerio in the bowl, then picking it up to "drink" it out, and spilling it on the floor.

She's also been putting her books inside the drawer of the coffee table (which has been emptied out, and is hers).

I guess it's time for her to start helping with clean-up time now, rather than just watching!

Off to spend some more!

Waiting for the bill.


  1. Was she well enough to go out to eat? You are very brave to try that!

  2. No, this was at home. But she had her "credit card" out :-)

    She does seem to be (knock wood) all better, though. It's now been about 51 hours since she last threw up, there were no obvious bouts of nausea today, and she's been eating things like crackers, dry cereal and toast for a couple of days.

    So, I think tomorrow, we'll try something a little more adventurous.

    I do think we're scheduled to go to lunch with Shrike's sister and her kids, so I guess we will be brave then!

  3. I imagine she loves the wallet all the more because it is the one she is used to you using - now SHE has the REAL one. :)

  4. Peeper looks as though she has lost a little weight, as could be expected; have you weighed her? Her face looks thinner.

  5. I'm so glad she's better! I recall that whenever my kids were recovering from a stomach flu, that for a few days afterward they were REALLY hungry, and ate like crazy. Making up for lost eating time, I guess. I didn't want to overload their stomachs, but I gave them lots of small meals and snacks, and drinks. Perhaps Peeper will have the munchies too for a few days. If she did lose weight, she will quickly gain it back.

  6. We don't have a baby scale at home, but she's got her 15-month checkup next Wednesday, so she'll get weighed then.

    She was completely off solid food for a couple of days (well, maybe a couple of Cheerios), and was nursing a little less than usual (so said my goodies) and, of course, for a day there she was keeping very little of it down.

    So, I certainly wouldn't have expected her to have pick up any weight this week, and possibly dropped a bit.

    She's slowed down on her weight gain over the past couple of months anyway, though, but I feel like she's gotten a good bit taller.

    (I'm really looking forward to finding out about that next week.)

    At 12 months, she weighed 18 lb 11 oz, at 13 months she was 18 lb 15 oz, and was exactly the same at 14 months.

    From 13 to 14, she'd been sick (respiratory, not digestive, but still off her solids) off and on alot and, more importantly, learned to walk.

    When I told the nurse about the walking, her reaction was, "Oh, well of course she hasn't gained any weight!"

    But, like I said, I think she's gotten a good bit taller, and slimmed up - getting to be more toddler-shaped than baby-shaped.

    Of course, I'll report all the numbers as soon as we have then next week!


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