Saturday, October 24, 2009

Daily Peep: Poser

People are always commenting on how "happy" Peeper looks in her photos.

She is a pretty happy baby most of the time, but a couple of other factors are in play with the photos.

First, obviously, I'm not taking pictures when she's unhappy - I'm too busy trying to fix her - but also? She's totally posing.

I have a red-eye reduction feature on my camera, and as soon as that little light starts flickering, she goes into "CHEEEZE!" mode.

We were at a party this evening, and someone was taking pictures of people on the other side of the room, and behind her back.

She was facing LiPA's husband, hanging on his legs, and he asked me "Does she like the camera?"

I said, "Oh yeah, when she sees it she goes. . . ." and did my imitation of her photo-face.

He said, "Yeah, that's exactly what she did, when the flash went off over there!"

Here she is posing for me at home, earlier this evening:

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