Saturday, October 24, 2009

Party Preview

Shrike picked up Peeper's birthday cake on her way to work today. I'll post some better photos when it gets home, but here's a phone photo she sent, because I couldn't wait to see it!

It was made by our friend K, of Queen Bee Cakes - check her out!


  1. Beautiful cake! What flavour is the cake part? I would almost not want to cut it up, it's so pretty. But of course, one's first birthday is all about getting into the icing and spreading it around, so I hope Peeper does just that and has a lovely, gooey, sticky time. Can you guys believe a whole year has gone by since those labour pains? Have a very happy birthday, Peeper!

  2. The cake is either yellow or white. I told her that either would be fine; I don't guess we'll know til we cut it.

    The design is done in fondant, I'm not sure if that's fondant or icing under the cake.

    (I've not actually seen it in person yet. Shrike picked it up on her way to work.)


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