Saturday, October 24, 2009

She's a Poet, and I Didn't Know It

Earlier today, Peeper was cruising around my desk, and I heard a bit of a "bump" and when I looked at her, she seemed a little distressed.

I asked, "Was that your head? Did you bonk your noggy?" (Um, you know, short for "noggin.")

She looked at me and signed "doggy."

I'm guessing she probably just misheard me.

But I'd prefer to thing that she made a rhyme.

Because that would be much more impressive.

Also, speaking of the sign for "doggy," she is most definitely using it to refer to both the dogs and cats, but then she seems to follow (with help) them all around, saying something that sounds a whole lot like "kitty."

So, at least she's an equal-opportunity over-generalizer.

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