Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Peep: Library Friends

Peeper and I went to the library for a while this evening. We didn't check out any books (I think that should wait until she learns to read with her eyes instead of her mouth) but she did enjoy playing with puzzles, and cuddling with these guys.

I would love to take her to the library story time, but it's yet another activity that happens while we're still in bed, at 10 am.
I think she'd really enjoy it, though.
At music class, I expected her to like the music and the dancing and all of that, but I was really surprised how much she participates in the story part of the class.
She sits on the "listening blanket" with all the big kids, and looks at the teacher, and even cranes her head to see the book, if someone gets in her way!

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