Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daily Peep: Pea Chick

Peeper and I went to the grocery store (all by ourselves!) this evening. For once, we made it there before they put away the salad bar, so I picked up a few things.

I got some chickpeas for testing purposes, because when she's eaten hummus, her skin has turned red everywhere it touched her. I've read that the most likely culprit is the tahini, but I wanted to rule out the chickpeas, since they can cross-react with peanuts(!)

I smushed some and smeared them on her leg, and . . . nothing! Woo hoo!

Since the tahini sounds like it is just a topical irritant that can be outgrown, maybe we'll try hummus again.

Then she ate some chickpeas and blackbeans on crackers.

Want some, Mama?


  1. You can probably make hummus without the tahini. Just use olive oil instead of tahini.

    She's getting so big and looks like a "real girl," not a baby!

  2. Hey
    Not to freak you out but I have a friend with a son who has some pretty major food allergies, and one of his is sesame. Anyhoo, it can cause an anaphylactic reaction in susceptible individuals so I would tread carefully if you decide to try it out again. You can make hummus without it; not as tasty but much preferable to a trip to A&E!


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