Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Update

I talked with BabyBro and SIL last night, and things seem to be going very well for all of them.

The babies both did some time under the bililights, but are off them now, and they're talking about sending them home either tomorrow or Thursday.

I also talked to SIL's sister, and asked her to get me some photos of our niece, because although there were several of our nephew, I'd only seen one that showed her whole face, and it was from quite a distance.

I know that the second kid never has as many photos as the first, but you'd think you'd have to be more than two minutes younger for that phenomenon to kick in!

Tonight, her husband posted a new photo set on Flickr, including several of her.

She's beautiful. I don't know what they were hiding :-)

Her brother's quite a looker, too. And a pretty damn good a dancer, evidently. This is just one from a serious of him squirming all around.


  1. I'll bet nephew is just enjoying actually having the room to squirm around without bumping into his sister.I imagine it was getting pretty crowded in there. It probably feels good to stretch,like we do after a long night's sleep or a long car ride. And niece is beautiful.

  2. I'll bet you're right about that!

    Or, he's doing the poopy-dance ;-)


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