Friday, September 4, 2009

Mamas Are For Minding

Some actual correction / redirection sort of things that I have said to Peeper in the past few days:

  • Paper is not for eating.
  • Tails are not for biting.
  • Potties are not for playing.
  • Pubes are not for pulling.
  • And, my personal favorite: Historical markers are not for licking.


  1. LOL! You do have a lot of historical markers in your neck of the woods, don't you?

  2. We were downtown for First Friday, and she was "walking" around the courthouse "park" (patio? concrete front yard?) on the square, while we listened to music. She was standing up holding on to the post of a marker (about the burning of the town during the Civil War, I believe) and she kept insisting on licking it.

  3. I was just thinking that, well, at tongue-level for her, at least it's not like a million people's hands have touched it.

    Then, I realized: No, but a million dogs have probably peed on it!

  4. Ya' think Galoot told her to make sure and mark the territory?

  5. And I just heard myself telling Bella, "Koolade's not for kitties."


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