Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Peep: He's So Cute

Peeper and I went downtown for First Friday this evening, and according to, oh just about everyone we spoke to, she was the cutest little boy there.

Because, evidently, this outfit is incredibly masculine.

Let's review:



  1. LOL. Alice has the same exact outfit! I was sad when she outgrew it.

    Anyway, people are idiots. Alice will be wearing hot pink and people will STILL ask if she's a boy or girl. I'm like, "Hello? I'm not making a political statement here... she's wearing pink because she's a GIRL." And Peeper, regardless of clothes, looks soooo much like a girl!

  2. Looks plenty girly if you look at the details. I'm guessing people are looking at the brown and thinking boy... Obviously they are not very observent. Add a hairbow maybe?


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