Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily Peep: Success

I got Peeper into a back carry with the wrap today! Twice!

She was quite patient with me while I got it all situated, and then was happy enough up there for us to take a couple of practice walks around the backyard.

We did go to Target later this evening, but I wore her on my front, as usual. The first time I do this without the bed behind me and the mirror in front of me, I definitely want Shrike there to spot us!


  1. Nice work! I'm still working up to braving the back carry.

  2. Congrats!!!! I went into Youtube, out of pure curiousity, to see if there were any how to videos and there's quite a few. One in particular was an Asian woman who made it look SO easy. (I'm going to try it out with Deion later.) At any rate, she was hunched over for a bit but when she stood up to 'check her work in her car window' she bounced up and down a couple of times to make sure her little guy was secure. I was scared that he'd fall out.

  3. She looks so cute with her head peeking out! Good job!

  4. D's Mom - LOL - I want to see pictures of you with Deion on your back. Or will he be wearing you?

    Yeah, that little hop thing is part of the instructions on most of them - usually at the point where you've got them contained, but before you tie anything off, you hop and pull on the straps to make sure their butt is settled all the way down in the "seat" and you've got all the slack out.

    One video referred to it as, "Now, do the babywearing dance..."

    Vee - I tried a few months ago to get her on my back using the hip scoot, which is how DoulaK demonstrated it, and she fussed and it felt very unsafe and I chickened out halfway round.

    When I tried it again a few days ago, she just giggled and it felt fine and boom, there she was.

    But, the videos showed several other ways, and a couple didn't work for me at all, but the one I'm using, which works great is hmm, I don't know if there's a name, but you sit (or later, stand) baby in front of you, cross your arms, grab baby under the arms and just lift, uncross and boom - baby's on your shoulders/back. I have to slide her down into position, but it's really easy.

    The trickiest part for me, right now, is keeping the wrap across my back while I get her on, and then keeping it under her as I slide her down. I've got it tucked under my arms and then held in my teeth!

  5. We need to see a video of you doing this. :)

  6. I will take video when I'm good at it. Probably filmed in the Target parking lot.

  7. That Target parking lot gets to see a lot of you two! ;) Stay tuned for pictures of me wearing Deion.. and then the other way around. LOL


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