Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Suitable Suit

In case you weren't following the comment conversation about swimsuits on my previous post, I've found a baby wetsuit that is supposed to keep kids warm in the water.

I ordered one (in pink, of course) this evening and it should arrive in time for Peeper's next swimming lesson!

When I asked Shrike about it, she said "Would you feel silly taking her with that?"

Um, no. I'd feel like my baby isn't turning blue from the cold! And then I'd tell all the other parents where to buy them for their little blue swimmers.

When she's bigger, I like the idea of something like this.

I hope that we'll be able to do some outside swimming next year (you know, when she cares), so we'll definitely be going for sun protection.

(Specifically, we've been told that we should protect her scar from the sun for a few years. Also that whole skin cancer thing.)

I also like that it's modest, but in kind of a weird way.

She's a baby, so other than the sun issue, I would have no problem with her swimming in nothing but a diaper - or naked, for that matter - but I definitely do not want her wearing something like this little fishtit number here.

(Yes, that is an infant bathing suit.)

For myself, I'm thinking of going with one of these:

Yes, the one on the left is actually called a burqini.


  1. Check out these swim shirts. :)

  2. We have one of those wetsuits and I can vouch for the fact that they work - my boy is always toasty warm when I take him out of it. A poncho type towel is also a godsend for swimming - one for each of you if you can find an adult one!


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