Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swimming Lesson Update

Peeper had her second swimming lesson tonight. It went well, and she seemed much more comfortable about things this time.

At one point, I noticed that she was distracted and kept looking at something on the deck. That's when I realized that one of her classmates had brought his grandparents along, and they were taking pictures.

I swear, that kid of mine can spot a camera a mile away!

She let me float her on her back (with her head on my chest) for quite a while, and she was very relaxed about it.

She didn't like it, though when I loosened my grip a bit to see if she could "really" float for a moment and her face went under.

She didn't cry, but was quite surprised, sputtered, etc.

Of course, it was right then that the teacher showed up to swim her around. She was, again, quite unsure about that, but didn't cry.

Overall, she was much less apprehesive about everything this time, and on occassion, she even splashed her hands and kicked her feet at the appropriate times.

At this age, I'm certainly not expecting much anything from her, in terms of following along with the class or actual swimming skills. It's just about getting used to being in the water, and playing around for a little while.

And, it gets us out of the house, and if I can get over being such a dork, maybe I'll talk to some other parents and who knows, maybe we'll make a friend or something.

She seems to enjoy being around the other babies, too.

(She really had her eye on that one little fellow who brough the paparazzi with him. On the other hand, maybe she was just wondering why her cameras were pointing at him.)

When swimming is over (there's only so many activities I can handle in a week), we should look into try to make it over to the library for story time. I hear that there's a Music Together class that meets right up the road from us, but it starts at eighteen months, so we'll have to wait for next summer to do that.

I'm still working out the warm/dry/dress routine. This time, I took two towels for each of us, which helped, and took a big open totebag instead of the diaper bag / back pack.

I'm thinking about ditching the t-shirt that I've been wearing over my suit, because it's soooo wet and makes it hard to get her dry/warm quickly.

I always swim with a t-shirt, because I'm really not comfortable being that naked in public, but on the other hand, what's really covered by the t-shirt?

Not my flabby arms or thighs. So what's the point?

And, really, with that many cute babies in one swimming pool (Of course we all know who's the cutest, but some of the others are okay, too.) do I really think anyone is going to be looking at me?

I am a bit concerned about Peeper deciding to help herself to some goody in the middle of the lesson, though.

In non-me-me-me related post-lesson-dressing news, I'm also thinking about taking footy, and possibly even fuzzy, jammies to put Peeper in afterward.

Shrike will be going along with us on Mondays for the next three weeks, so that will help. (She worked this Monday, and also works Monday of the final week of class.)

The original plan was for Shrike to take her on Mondays, and me to take her on Wednesdays, but after seeing how complicated it is for me - who is used to juggling her 24/7, I offered to go along with them, but let Shrike do the swimming on her nights.

She had no problem with that plan!

Speaking of Shrike's work schedule, it got a little wacky around our trip to Texas, and she's now on her night in a row at work - but starting tomorrow, she's off for five whole days!

I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I sure am looking forward to it!


  1. Ooooo, if Shrike is there too, one of you ought to be able to get some pics!

  2. Yep, I've already thought of that.

    And if Shrike's in the pool with her, the pics won't include me in a bathing suit.


  3. Hey you could get one of these.

  4. Do they come with long sleeves?


  6. Oooo - They do!

  7. Speaking of swimming wear, maybe they make baby wetsuits, to keep Peeper warm?

  8. Ooooo - They do!

  9. These are actually very cute, but they're still letting the arms hang out! :(

    And then there are these.

  10. There ya go! I'll skip the headcover, though.

  11. Perhaps I should just look for a rashguard with 3/4 sleeves?

  12. And here you go Peep.

  13. Or, possibly, get over myself.

    The same arms are flopping around on dry land in every damn tshirt I own.

  14. Yes. It is called a Burqini.

  15. Peepsuit - That's more coverage, but same fabric. I'm serious about getting the wetsuit for her, if Shrike will let me spend the money. (About $40 with shipping) It's no more coverage than a typical one-piece, but warmer.

    I do like the shorts/sleeves one-piece for later, when she can keep herself warm, though.

    Now, she's in a cloth swim diaper and rashguard - which rides up and her tummy hangs out!

    Need to at least get her a real suit, I think, even w/the shirt over it.

  16. Hey, this should keep her warm.

  17. I just love the word Burqini.

  18. That's a bummer about Music Together! In my neighborhood, it's all ages, so we've been going since 8 months.
    Now, I'm off to check out that swimwear...


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