Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Am Excited to Stay Home With My Family This Coming Weekend

If you read very many blogs written by women, you'll know that all the cool kids have packed up their little black dresses, kissed their spouses and kiddos goodbye and headed off to Chicago today for BlogHer '09.

I've never gone, but best I can tell, it's like the world's coolest, geekiest, three-day-long slumber party. With booze.

Of course, that's not something you can do with a nine-month-old nursing baby. Oh, but wait, Amalah and Ezra and Amalah's boobs are there. Well, shit.

Someday, after we win the Lottery (I've got high hopes for Saturday's Powerball) I'd love to go to BlogHer, but in the meantime, I'd love to be one of fifteen non-BlogHer-attending bloggers to win $100 for telling you why I'm happy to be staying home this weekend instead.

The winners will be the bloggers who have the most comments on their Top Ten Reasons post, so help me out here, folks!

Top Ten Reasons I Am Excited to Stay Home With My Family This Coming Weekend

  1. I could win $100 from - and I'll have all that free time to check out their website and learn more about how they're going to help me get my shit together.
  2. Shrike has five days off, which we get all get to spend together!
  3. CapitalCity PrideFest is Saturday. I've been every year since we've moved to BlueState, and this time we get to take Peeper!
  4. Even with a night-owl baby, I'd probably get more sleep at home.
  5. We finally have groceries in the house!
  6. We're planning to go out to dinner with our new friends - the ones we picked up in the grocery store a few weeks ago.
  7. It would be a shame to make all those other Mommy Bloggers feel bad because my kid is so much cuter than theirs.
  8. Saves me the humiliation of acting like / sounding like / proving myself to be a complete ass in front of my blog heroes.
  9. I just finished flying / traveling alone with Peeper. I am not up to doing it again so soon.
  10. Did I mention that I could win $100 if enough of you leave comments on this post?


  1. Very cool. Should we list links for burqinis? We ran up a lot of comments there. :D

  2. Hey wait. You have groceries at your house? No fair!

  3. If you win do I get a cut? Hey, these comments don't have to all be from different people, do they?

  4. Well, I suspect they ought to be from more than one person! I think they might notice that :-)

  5. Ehhhh, that's just picky of them.

    And ooooo, these Limited Edition Fudge Sundae Creme Oreos of which you twit, I'm assuming that these are related to that "groceries in the house" thing. Mmmmmm...

  6. Hmm, I am not sure what this sit eis but I will have to check it out. And hope that at least one of these days I will quit acting like an a-hole long enough for you to behappy I am home. I guess if nothing else I can take old peep off your hands for a little bit.

  7. Eating with new friends sounds fun.Have a great weekend.
    When you have time come look at my top 10 list.

  8. hey good luck !

    Please share the comment love :)

    thx Jeanine

  9. All the best with the giveaway....really hope by some miracle we all win!!

    PS Do come over and leave a comment on mine :>

  10. YOu always sleep better in your own bed, right? Good luck!

    I'd love some comment love too :)


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