Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About Those Photos

I'd emailed M, the photographer, a few weeks ago (she's in MOMS Club with me, but we'd not actually met until yesterday), and said we were interested in photos, then let it fall through the cracks for a bit.

When I emailed her again last week, I thought we'd set something up for a few weeks from now, but she had last night free, and boom, suddenly we were taking photos in about four days.

And us, with nothing to wear.

I hadn't realized just what sad shape our wardrobes are in until we starting figuring out what we might own that we'd want to have recorded for posterity.

Hmmm, nothing.

M suggested that we pick out Peeper's outfit first, and then pick a color or two in it to match for our outfits.

I selected a really cute little sunsuit with light and dark pink fishies all over it, accented with blue bubbles and green, um, seaweed?

It has a hat with it, so on Sunday, we tossed the hat in the diaper bag and headed to Kohl's after our weekly trip to TGI Friday's.

We actually found a couple of shirts that matched well pretty quickly - a pink and white stripe with three-quarter sleeves (to hide my flabby upper arms) for me, and a blue and white stripe for Shrike.

Then we got to thinking about how often we'd be likely to wear them. Mine had a wide boat neck, that showed by bra and tank straps, so I'm thinking, um, never. (Not to mention that M had specifically said not to wear anything "fussy" that would require a lot of adjusting.)

So, back to the drawing board.

And over to the men's department.

(Let's get realistic, right?)

There, we went through about four sets of shirt pairs, mostly in pink and green. I was actually amazed how many men's shirts we found to match a baby girl's sunsuit.

We finally ended up with the green/white and pink/navy polo shirts that you saw in the previous post.

The navy bugged me just a bit, but since we would be in jeans, I figured it would be fine.

When we got home, Shrike went to walk the dogs, while Peeper and I hung out at the house.

At some point, I thought, "You know, maybe I ought to try that outfit on her - just for a trial run."

Good thing I did, because . . . too small.

Never worn. Too small.

It's not a stretchy fabric at all, and it's just thaaaaat much too short from shoulders to crotch.

It miiiiiight have worked if she'd been in a disposable diaper, but we were specifically planning some diaper-only shots, and I would have forever been annoyed if her butt weren't as poofy as usual in the photos.

So, well, crap.

Luckily, she owns several pink and green outfits, and I found a couple of possibilities - including the onesie that we put under her overalls - which matched our shirts very well.

Then we went "shopping" in the basement for 6 - 9 month clothes and found the little pink gingham (is that gingham? or plaid?) froggy outfit that she ended up wearing.


The photo session itself was a lot of fun. We met Marie at a local park, where she's done several shoots, and already knows all the best locations and backgrounds.

As her name, "A Day in the Life Photography," indicates, she really works to capture a family's personality, not just to pose and shoot.

There were several times that we were basically playing with Peeper, while she took pictures, and I suspect those will be some of the best ones.

I'm very happy with the photos we've seen so far (you've seen all the ones we've seen) and I can't wait to see the rest of them!


  1. The pictures are amazing. We've not yet done any formal pictures because I hate those studio photos but I'd do a location shoot... Maybe for Alice's first birthday. Enjoy your photos!


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