Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Peep: Family Photos (Sneak Preview)

We had family photos taken last night, and the photographer just posted a sneak preview on her website. We'll get the rest in a couple of weeks, and of course, I'll share those, too.

Below are the ones she's posted so far. The captions are hers.

If you're anywhere near us, I highly recommend A Day In the Life Photography.

(Please tell her we sent you!)

What a sweet family this was. And what a fun time we had.

Look at this sweet girl with her blue eyes.

She is much loved.

And so very sweet.

And loves her Mama & Mommy very much, too.

But only sits up for a little while. Then she is done :)


  1. Oh My goodness. She's so cutie. I am jealous of her full head of hair. My 6 month old was a preemie and is at that point where she is almost totally bald. I know it will come back. I know you must be proud, as you should be!!! Sweetie baby.

  2. Love these! Can't wait for more. :)

  3. She is gorgeous and so are both of you!! I love these pics.. especially the one of her laying down! LOLOLOL

  4. By far my favorite photo is the last. Second favorite is color portrait of the three of you. Such happiness and love in that one.

  5. I just love all of them. I can't stop looking at them - and I've got the actual kid right here!

    I'm just about to bust, waiting to see the rest. (We'll have them some time within the next 2 weeks.)

    Also, I have to find out what version of photoshop she used to make us look so good ;-)


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