Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Close Encounter

Baby Finger + Mama Eyeball =

This didn't hurt as bad as one would think, and oddly enough, didn't produce any tears (either of the ouch! kind or of the pissed-off-eyeball kind) and it doesn't hurt at all now.

But it did scare me a bit, especially when I asked Shrike, "So, my eyeball's not gushing blood or anything is it?" and she glanced at me, then said, "Wait, let me see. Look over there . . . " and looked all concerned!

PS - Eyebrows are kind of gross, up close.

PPS - Do I need to add a category for baby-induced injuries? If so, should I include my birth story?


  1. Good news. I showed the picture to Daddy and he said "Uh". That always means "don't worry. It is not worth my attention". When it is a problem, he jumps on it. I have lived my life to hear "uhs".

  2. True. There are few things more frightening than Daddy seeming concerned about your illness or injury.


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