Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, Hell. That's Not It.

So, I did some googling, and it seems like the Ritz really are dairy free.

PETA says they are vegan and then I found them in a list of "good dairy-free snacks for a baby."

(Note to self: Bookmark that page.)

Hmmm . . . .

Maybe it was the broccoli?

I guess we'll stick with banana for a few days, and go from there.


  1. I'd also be very interested in that website - do you want to share the link?

  2. "Dairy-Free Snacks for a Baby"It was actually a post on a message board, but from someone with more dairy-free experience than I've got.

    It's definitely not from a BLW perspective (but is, coincidentally, British) - but that's not a big deal.

    We will just ignore things like "beans - (mashed up so baby doesn't choke)" and ". . . but probably not cornflakes as she could swallow it whole and choke."

    Okay, a - If you've swallowed something, you can't choke on it. Two different pipes. and b - A cornflake? Really? I'm supposed to worry about my kid choking on a freakin' cornflake?

    Also - the kid the question is is eating rice cakes every day and mom wants variety. I think she can handle some beans or cornflakes.

    Sidenote: The Annabel Karmel that they are referencing, by way of recommending her cookbooks, is seen as something of a puree-Nazi by the BLWers.

    Evidently she's the one who's made all the "feed pureed X for two weeks, then pureed Y for two weeks..." rules, and writes cookbooks like "Best Baby Purees."

    On these British forums, I keep reading her name right along with a Gina Ford, always typed with something of a sneer or a roll of the eyes.

    eg (paraphrasing, but not much): "All the mums in my parenting group are doing Gina Ford, and I thought they were going to call social services when I said my baby goes to sleep when she's tired, and not at a set time."

    According to Google, Ford seems to be the British Gary Ezzo, the Babywise guy.

    Oh, topic? Dairy-free baby snacks? Right.

    Ritz are also listed on PETA's "I Can't Believe It's Vegan" page.

    I should look over that some more. I am definitely not vegan, but if it's vegan, it's dairy-free.

  3. Ok I have to confess my bible in all health matters is "Baby 411" written by a doctor m.d. And there is a full chapter on poop a.k.a. the other end. It usually gives great checklists on what to look for (yes I am also a poopreader) like does the blood look fresh, what consistency is the poop and then gives specific answers, food allery, parasites,... Oh and I noticed that the more Joey got solids the more solid his stool got ahem so one reson could be straining to poop and a small fissure. Anyhow just my 2 cents. I'm so glad I'm not the only mother with lots of questions. And thank you for the PETA website my sister is vegan and she'll visit this summer, at least I can serve her now more than vegetable broth and cucumber slices.

  4. Aw shit (so to speak). I had a nice long reply written and then I did something stupid and fucked it all up.

    Let me try again.

    The PETA site has lists of commercial foods that are vegan in several different categories. Great resource for vegans, and those with dairy and/or egg allergies.

    Now, about the poop....


    Before I went dairy-free, we were seeing, every couple of weeks or so, "OhMyGodBLOOOOD!!!" then, "Yeah, I think there's still a little blood."

    This is more like "Looks good. Oh, wait. Hmmm, is that blood? It looks reddish and she didn't eat anything red. I guess it must be blood? Let's assume it's blood."

    The poop itself is still the same very soft / liquidish consistency as before. It's a tiny bit greener than the lovely mustard yellow we were seeing since I went dairy-free.

    (Before that, it was yellow/green/orange - changing not only from day to day, but from diaper to diaper within the same day.)

    Today, she's had two dirty diapers (well, probably one nice leisurely poop that we caught her in the middle of, actually) and there was a teeeny, tiny bit of possible blood, but also some broccoli bits, so evidently that's still working its way through.


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