Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Latest Theory

So, as I was cleaning Peeper up from a banana snack, I had a bit of banana string on my hand (ew ew ew - get it off! get it off! why?) and noticed it looked familiar.

Did some googling, and it seems that when the banana strings come through the poop, they aren't necessarily black.

They can also be brown or green or reddish.

I had been warned about the "OhMyGod worms!" black strings, but didn't know they could be red.

Now I'm thinking maybe that's what we saw this afternoon. Not blood, just banana.

It was definitely stringy-ish. I thought it was kind of clotty bits of blood. Definitely red.

I wish I could remember more clearly what it looked like yesterday, and if the red stuff was more stringy or liquidy-gooey?

I really hope it's just banana.

You know, I should probably add a tag/category for the posts in which I discuss baby poop. In case someone is interested, you know?

Potty Talk? No, we'll save that one for a couple of years from now.

Diaper Doings? Nah.

In honor of my new British friends: Nappy News? Eh, too pretentious.

Peep's Poops?

Aha! I think we have a winner!

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