Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daily Peep: More Fun With Mommy

I could watch my girls play together all day long.


  1. Whozat.. is there a story behind who gets called what? How'd you guys decide who gets called Mommy and who gets called Mama? No real reason for asking.. I'm just a curious george. LOL

    PS.. I do believe you've got the cutest baby!!! :)

  2. D's Mom -
    That's a very good question, and something that I always wonder, too.

    For years, when we talked about maybe having a baby someday, we debated what she would call us.

    Then, one day, we realized that being from Texas, I have a Mama and always assumed I'd be called "Mama."

    Being from not-the-south, Shrike has a Mom, and thinks that's the right thing to call one's mother.

    So, I would be "Mama" and she'd be "Mom." Problem solved.

    Then, during the time period when we were getting serious about our plans, Shrike mentions that she was looking forward to being called "Mommy."

    And my heart melted.

    So, she is "Mommy" while Peeper's little and then, when she gets too old, and too cool, to have a "Mommy," the plan (pending Peeper's input, of course) is that Shrike will graduate to "Mom" and I will continue to be "Mama."

  3. I don't have to tell either of you that after Peeper gets too old/cool to call Shrike 'Mommy' she'll still get called that when Peeper wants something.. and if she's lucky she'll get called that when Peeper DOESN'T want anything. ;)


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