Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily Peep: Goody Goody Goody!!!

3:30 am - almost exactly 48 hours after I had to cut her off the morning of surgery.

She did a great job. She got one side, and I had the nurse help me turn her around to do the other side (have to be very careful handling her because of the incision and the accoutrements), but she was pretty much out by then.

We put her back in bed and stood there talking for a bit until I realized that she was still awake, and "fish-facing" at me like she was still hungry, so I asked if I could give her the other side and she let me.

She didn't go nearly as long on that side, but still did a pretty good job, and she's asleep now.

I'm going to finish post this, and then maybe pump or maybe not; I'm deciding how good a job she did.

Then I plan to sleep til around 6:30, pump, and get back in there for the 7 am shift-change.

I told the nurse to go ahead and give her the 6 am feeding, since it has to be a bottle anyway.

I suspect (would like to think ;-) ) that, especially now that I've nursed her, she would not be happy about a bottle from me, even if she'll take it from someone else.

She said that I can talk to nurse practitioner when she gets here about when we can go back to nursing fulltime.

Other than that, not much news. I slept an hour or so, which helped alot. Like I said, I'll probably get another 1.5 - 2 hours sleep in a bit here.

Downright luxurious.

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