Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Anonymama asked if it's painful when we pick Peeper up and move her.

I'm really not sure. It didn't seem to be too bad, but we didn't handle her much.

We've each held her once, and the nurse picked her up from the crib and put her in Shrike's arms, then got all her various tubes and wires and such arranged.

When we were ready to switch, she took her from Shrike and held her while she and I traded placed, then got Peeper situated in my arms.

Shrike had her long enough to give her a bottle and then some (while I went and pumped) but I didn't get to hold her as long, because she started fussing around a lot, and I wasn't able to do anything of the things I'd normally do to settle her down - nurse, put her on my shoulder, move her to a sitting or standing position, etc.

By that point, the nurse said she was probably exhausted, so she got her back into the crib, got some Tylenol in her (I think she's maybe had a bit of morphine since then), got the jammies on her and settled her in to sleep.

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  1. sweet baby has lots of faraway friends rooting for her... her and her mommies continue to be in our thoughts...


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