Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Girl!

After she nursed at 3 am, Peeper evidently said, "Hey, those are still here? What am I doing with these stupid bottles, then?"

After refusing a couple of bottles, we got permission for her to just nurse from here on out. Yay!

She nursed around 9 am, and then she was all happy and playing and even sort of smiling a bit. I was shaking her rattle, and she reached out, grabbed it and shook it.

Um, Peeper, you don't know how to do that!

I guess she got some new knowledge while she was unconsious? :-)

The nurse and I got her bathed and cleaned up a bit and just as we finished that up, and she wasn't acting hungry yet, and I needed to make a phone call, so I did that and the nurse got her settled for a nap.

She was asleep when I got back and they claimed she settled just fine. I hope she really did. We nursed again at noon, and Shrike got here while we were in the middle of that. Peeper started fussing around, probably needing to poop (after finishing one side and starting the other).

So, I handed her off to Shrike and we got her some Tylenol and a little glycerin suppository to help her poop and she was still fussing about the poop, but Shrike had her in their dancing position (seated) and I'm checking email and blogging, then will lay down and try to sleep.

But not pumping. I could find that I still need to a bit, but she seems to have it covered ;-)


  1. Did I see a little smile?

  2. Have they weighed her lately? She looks a lot more animated today. Not so stoned. How are you and Shrike holding up? Try to get a little rest. I haven't phoned as I do not want to interrupt something important or, God forbid, a nap. I amheaded to the grocery and a few chores. Can probably get the phone any time. Hang in; just a little while longer. Love you all.


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