Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Baby Bench Press

We're enjoying this game while we can, because we certainly won't be playing it for a while after Peeper's surgery!


  1. Look at that girl hold her head up. I just haven't seen her do it, though I knew she could.
    I had a little trouble with the "year ago today" thing. Four months old plus nine months did not work. Then I remembered: eight months, not nine! Sort of "Happy Birthday, Peeper!".

  2. Yep, she's all about that head control; she's even bringing it with her pretty well when we pick her up now!

    Yeah, most of Peep's little bloggity friends got that post when they were three months old.

    I sang "Happy Conception Day to You!" to her yesterday.

  3. Happy Conception Day to Peeper!!!!
    Mama.. wait until she throws up and it lands in your open mouth! YUM-O! LOLOLOL

  4. lol, D's Mom - Yeah, I think as she was taking the photo, Shrike was saying, "You'd better close your mouth, or you'll be sorry."

    Luckily (knock wood) Peeper is about the least spitty-uppity baby I've ever met.

    Enough so, that we take absolutely no spit-up precautions.

    On the rare ocassions that she actually does spit up, it completely freaks us out because we're so not expecting it.

    Each and every time, I think, "What the hell?!? Oh yeah, babies do that, don't they?"

    Of course, there was the time, when she was maybe a month old, that Shrike's sister was holding her, and juggling a towel to put over her shoulder and all this big baby-holding production, and I said, "Oh, you don't have to do that she never spi...."

    Yep. She chose that exact moment to spit up.

    Just to make me look like a jackass, who knows nothing about my own child.

    Thanks, kid. I appreciate that.


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