Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Countdown: Christmas Eve

After much discussion and debate, Shrike and I decided that, at least for this year, the best compromise between our two ideas of the "right" way to schedule gift opening was for Peeper to open her gifts from us this afternoon (minus a couple that we think are still hiding under the tree), and we will wait on ours until tomorrow.

Of course, she will also have Santa gifts in the morning, and we'll be getting together with Shrike's family later in the day, where there will be more gifts, so it seemed to make sense to spread it out a bit. 

That and she was just miserable - and making us miserable - with the waiting. 
This evening, we had dinner at Shrike's sister and sister-in-law's house, and then went to a Christmas Eve service at their church (the one where we were married). 

When we got home, we found a lovely little gift from (not-so-)PerfectPup - a pile of doggy diarrhea in the middle of Peeper's bedroom floor. So, bedtime was a bit delayed while Shrike cleaned that up (thank you, Shrike!!!). 

Meanwhile, I had the much more pleasant task of helping Peeper put out some treats for Santa. He got some fudge, pretzel treats and peppermint bark, as well as a K Cup to make himself a Cafe Mocha. We're pretty sure he knows how to use a Keurig; Peeper figures he probably has one at the North Pole. 

Gifts still under the tree for everyone but Peeper, plus her already-opened gifts (plus a booty-load of hand-me-down Polly Pockets that her cousin gave her this evening).

(And our sad, sad, dried-out tree.)

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