Friday, September 13, 2013


This morning, Shrike and I went to a training at Peeper's school for parents interested in substitute teaching there. Mostly it was an overview of "how things are done" at the toddler and "Children's House" (Peeper's class) levels.

It was very interesting, and several of us had questions along the lines of, "Okay, but how does that work at my house?" I asked if they have any workshops on how to implement this sort of thing at home, and the trainer said that they do, and she'll look into scheduling one.

Cool. Go me.

After the training, of course, we went and spied on Peeper in class for a while. At first, we couldn't find her, but then she appeared from behind some shelves.

She wandered over to the bells and tapped on them for a while. She was not doing any of the "work" described on that link, just tapping them.

Then she chose a tray and took it over to a table. Best as I could tell, it was for sorting big and small items. She put the word "big" beside the big bowl, and put a small bowl on the other side of the tray, then picked up a clothes pin, a small bell and a small ball.

She clipped the clothes pin onto the "handle" of the bell, and held it that way, while sticking the ball (just the right size) into the bell.

Yep, that's our girl. Even at Montessori, she is just making up her own shit.

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