Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sparkles McSweatypants

Our MOMS Club sponsored the kids' craft at the Farmer's Market today, and if we do it again next year, we will definitely go with some sort of apple craft in September, or even pumpkins in October. Because today was, quite literally, hotter than the Fourth of July.

I see the sweat, but what's up with the sparkles? 


As you can see, Peeper chose to make a Texas flag. (Sort of. Yes, I know it should have the "blood on the ground," but she wouldn't believe me.)

Originally, we planned to do these hand "print" (cut-out) flags, but Peeper insisted that she wanted hers to be "a rectangle flag" so we offered that option as well. (Most were actually half this size. This was our example.)

As it turned out, most of the kids chose to go with the rectangles, although we had a few takers for the hand prints toward the end of the morning.

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