Saturday, July 6, 2013

Glitter Flag Craft

Blue construction paper
Glue stick
Red and silver glitter
Silver star stickers
Long, thin craft sticks
Micro glue roller (tiny glue dot dispenser)

Instructions - Hand Print Flags
Trace and cut out hand print on blue construction paper (a half or quarter sheet should be big enough)
With glue stick, put glue on the thumb, middle finger and pinky, and add red glitter
Put glue on remaining fingers and add silver glitter
Place silver star stickers on palm
Use glue roller to attach craft stick "flag pole"

For rectangular flags, we used quarter sheets of blue paper (a half sheet is shown in this photo) and lightly outlined the field and stripes in pencil, with Xs on alternate stripes, to help the kids know where to put their glue.

For Less mess, put glitter on a high-sided paper plate and place glued paper face-down on it to pick up glitter, rather than sprinkling.

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