Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Puppet Show

("Trigger warning" for Anonymama and her phobia. Completely fictitious and imaginary, but I didn't want you to be caught off-guard.)

This afternoon, Peeper came and got me and told me that she was going to put on a puppet show. When I got to the sunroom, she had all of her foam pieces out, with Dot-Marker stamped all over them, and a few set up as a stage, with the "toilet paper people" cast of the myth of Perseus, Medusa, and Andromeda. She then proceeded to act out the story.

It got a little complicated after that, when Merida got involved. Before long, there were "Mean guys throwing axes at her, so she's shooting arrows at them, and calling rattlesnakes to make them dead. Then she called Medusa, the Perseus put Medusa in the oven to see if it's hot enough to make the giant's bread."

Ummmm, okay.

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