Friday, March 15, 2013


Well, I seem to have let another day get away from me without a photo, but in my defense, I've been busy.

Tomorrow, our MOMS Club is going to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House that's associated with the hospital where Peeper had her surgery. We didn't actually stay there, but I did make good use of the Ronald McDonald Family Room on the Peds floor of the hospital.

So, today was all about grocery shopping. Well, first I dropped Peeper at school, met our friend (and MOMS Club President) D at the tire shop where I dropped of my car for a tire repair (and new wiper blade and alignment, as it turns out) and she took me to our board meeting, then dropped me back over to my car.

After all that was done, I had a little while before I had to pick Peeper up at school, so I zipped out to Aldi and bought most of the food, for much less money than we expected. After I got Peeper, we went to another grocery store because I still needed to get some drinks, and I also bought a bunch of fruit and other on-the-go snacks. When we added things up, we had A (who was heading to the grocery this evening anyway) pick  up another bunch of snacks.

Then I got it all loaded up in the car and stashed in the fridge for tomorrow morning.

Shrike's been working days all week, so she was home in the evening, but we just all did our own thing for dinner. For Peeper, that meant catching up on what she hadn't eaten all day, I suppose. She's done that several times lately; just picked all day and then suddenly developed a hollow leg at dinner time.

A night or two ago, she had two hot dogs, a cheese stick and something like two and a half packages of Bel-Vida oat crackers! (You know, the only ones she likes, now that the apple ones are suddenly yucky.)

This evening she had a lot of various things like that, after having eaten most of her lunch at school. Maybe there's a growth spurt on the way.

So, anyway, but because I'm a big ol' slacker, I didn't take photos of any of that.

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