Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bedtime Stories

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent today with some of the MOMS cooking dinner at Ronald McDonald House. As luck would have it, Shrike was off work, so she and Peeper had a day together.

Peeper was not thrilled about me leaving this morning, and when I got home, I think she was punishing me (like a cat). She insisted on Shrike doing her bath, and then wanted her to read stories.

That actually only lasted a minute before she wanted me to read and goody her, while Mommy sat at the foot of the bed. Then she rolled over and said "No arm, no goody..." then she wanted Mommy to lie with her. I asked "Where do you want me to be?" "In the big bed."

So, I left for about five minutes until it was goody time again, but she still wanted Shrike to sit at the foot of the bed while she fell asleep.

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