Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peeper Day

Our visits to Texas usually consist of some family events, and then Mama visiting friends while Peeper tags along. This time, we found ourselves with a completely unscheduled day, so I decided to make it a "Peeper Day" and find some cool kid's activity to do.

The nearby fire museum looked promising, but for reasons that will make sense when you see tomorrow's post, I thought it best to hold of on that. I got excited for a minute when I read about a children's museum in the town up the road, but then I realized that they're just in the planning-and-raising-money stages, so that was a no-go. We're not far enough into spring for the sounds-really-cool gardens to be worthwhile. (Although they are a lot farther down here than we are back home. We're missing a snowstorm today.)

So, I realized that we were going to have a drive a bit, and we ended up checking another state off on Peeper's travelogue and I took her to the Children's Museum of Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is about an hour from where the anonyparents live.

I think it's safe to say that it was well worth the drive.

 Shopping in the store, of course.

Going for a ride.

We "rode" in this pirogue and then she dressed up as a bat. I guess.

Driving a shrimp boat.

Sorting her catch, separating the shrimp from the crabs.

Firefighter Peeper

Dentist Peeper

Balance beam

Giant Legos!

Karaoke Room

Water table

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