Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elmo! Cookie Monster!

The reason we didn't go to the fire museum yesterday, is that today, some of the Sesame Street Live characters were visiting there!

The show is tomorrow and Saturday, so we won't be able to go (we're heading home tomorrow), but getting to meet them in "real life" was just as good.

So, after having lunch with "Aunt" Frappa, we headed over and checked out the museum before they showed up. Peeper thought that was pretty cool, and she thought that was all we were doing.

Driving the fire truck.

Hanging with Smokey

She really loved playing in the tiny house.

I finally got her out of there by telling her that there was going to be a surprise.

When we got to the pavilion across the street, they had cookies and juice and Sesame Street coloring pages, which sort of tipped her off. When the lady in charge said, "Our friends will be here in a few minutes," she actually guessed that it would be Sesame Street Friends (as she refers to them.)

And then, there they were!

I just love this one. She's looking at Cookie Monster.

She even got a firefighter "badge."

There were photographers from both local newspapers and a camera crew from one TV station. I don't know if she made the news or not, but one photographer asked me for her name and age, after snapping several shots of her with Elmo. As it turns out, he also got some of her with Cookie Monster, because that's what he chose to run on the front page of the paper, as a teaser for their online photo gallery. She was in that twice, and the only one whose name was listed. (Even if our last name was misspelled.)

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