Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes, More Cookies

Somehow I didn't manage to get any photos of our cookie-making today, nor of the cookies themselves, but maybe I can get a few tomorrow, when I'm putting together the trays.

"What trays?" you may ask.

Well, on Wednesday of last week (after having already made the cookies for our teacher gifts), I volunteered to take two dozen cookies to school this Wednesday, for the "Happy Birthday, Jesus" party for the kids and families, after their Christmas program.

Peeper's been bugging me to make sugar cookies, because they're her favorite, so I told her we would do that, and could even cut them out in shapes.

When I asked her what shapes she'd like to make she said, "How about a witchy-poo?"

I suggested that perhaps Christmas trees or stars might be more appropriate.

I bought a couple of tubes of dough, because I just wasn't up to actually making them from scratch, despite having just pinned a recipe that claims to hold its shape when it bakes.

On Friday, I took in the tray of cookies and pretzel treats for the teachers. Well, sort of. You see, here's what happened. . . .

I didn't want to put the tray in the floorboard behind Peeper, where I stick everything else, because it would tilt over and spill, so I stuck it on the roof of the car while I got her buckled in.

You can see where this is going. All over the fucking road is where it's going.

Luckily, I had an identical tray for the dance teachers, so I was able to go back home and grab it, stick a new card on it, and go.

We were pretty late getting to school, so as I left the room (with NO tears from Peeper! For the second day in a row!), I told her to "Tell your teachers what happened to the cookies!"

As usual, I hung out in the hallway for a few minutes, and could hear them asking her about it. I couldn't hear her answer, but I heard them all say "Ohhhh!" and laugh, so I guess she told them!

Soooo, I bought more dough, and today we baked four tubes worth of cookies instead of just two.

For the first tube, we stuck red and green M&Ms in the dough before baking. The next tube we just baked as-is, for icing and sprinkling.

The next tube of cookies were supposedly triangular, to become Rudolphs, but they turned out all sorts of shapes.  I added cocoa and a bit of confectioner sugar to regular canned cream cheese icing, and covered them with that, then added pretzel antlers, green M&M eyes and red M&M noses. At least that was the plan, but Peeper was doing the M&Ms, so we've got quite a variety.

First, she started putting on red eyes because "It's okay to be different!" and admonishing the green-eyed reindeer cookies to be nice to the red-eyed ones. Then she just started sticking M&Ms all over them willy-nilly. Whatever.

The last tube, we rolled out and cut into Christmas tree, star and "ornament" (pumpkin) shapes. They didn't look much like that when they came out of the oven, but we iced and sprinkled them anyway. I colored some icing green for the "trees" and we put M&M ornaments on them. I tried making some stripes with M&M accents on the "ornament" cookies and the stars just got icing and sprinkles.

Peeper helped a lot and did a fair amount of the decorating after I iced them.

At least that's the story I'm going with when people see them!

(No, really, she did.)

So, tomorrow, I will make a new tray for her dance teachers, with a variety of sugar cookies and the leftover (whew! I had leftovers!) pretzel treats, and another tray for the party at school.

I may have to add some of these to Dr. T's tray, too, because the multi-eyed-and-nosed reindeer are just so cute.

Which you would be able to see for yourself, if I'd bothered to take any photos.

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